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Ne kadar yürüdüğünüzü, koştuğunuzu, bisiklete bindiğinizi, hatta yüzüğünüzü takip edin.


Harika bir uygulama


Harika çalışıyor, saniyede gps uydularına bağlanıyor.


ozellikle kosu ve bisiklet icin muhtesem bir uygulama. herkese oneririm

Excellent tracking!

Love the sync with MyFitnessPal feature for exercise calorie tracking. Also keeps great stats for running including pace, distance, map, split pace, distance, etc. love it!!!

Healthy me

It's an amazing app that has helped me in my journey to live and lead a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend it.

One word...Awesome !

This is a great app!!!

Needs to work with Apple Watch

Great app. Apple Watch connectivity?

Hard to find simple answers

All I want to do is change my daily calorie goal from 1400 to 1200. I have spent way too much time on the app looking for a way to do this. It shouldn’t be that hard. Now, I try to contact customer support and they want me to sign in thru Facebook. Nope. Don’t want to do that. Why should I sign in thru FB when I didn’t sign up via FB? I’ve been a paying premium member for a long time and I need a simple answer to a simple question. Very unhappy right now. I have told so many people about this app but if I can’t get help that stops and I won’t renew my premium membership. Come in, guys. You’re better than this.

Awesome !!!

Ejercicio explicado

Paid auto-renewal not applied

I have been using MapMy products since 2011 and have had the MVP paid version for years. Obviously, it was on the “+” version of the app since that was the paid version up until very recently. My subscription auto-renewed last Monday (2/19), within a week of the announcement that the “+” version was no longer being supported. My MVP status was shut off and the payment was not applied, yet they took my money through iTunes. I emailed support, who told me that I never had a paid subscription. I had to pull screenshots from the website, showing auto renewal through iTunes and my iTunes receipt and send it in. Support then told me it was “a known problem” and they were not sure when it would be resolved. I replied back that I was still not receiving content that I paid for. The response was that the issue was resolved. IT IS NOT RESOLVED. I paid to access content that I STILL DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO. Up until this experience, I would have rated this app a 4 star. It wouldn’t get 5 since it does not work as a standalone app on my Apple Watch 3, so I still have to have my phone on me. Now though... The customer service around this issue has been incredibly frustrating.

mfp up-sell

I pay for mfp premium so I’m surprised I get ads here after mfp suggested that I use it to track my workouts.

I don’t like having to login

Keep good track of mileage and stats.

Easy To Use

Great app with lots of features like GPS tracking, voice overs and a time delay start (which makes it easy to use in the rain because I can start it inside, place it on my waterproof band and once I’m ready to run outside, hit go). I also love the band that runs along the top when I’m using another app so I can tap back to it. My new phone doesn’t allow me to hit my home button through my old running band so this is a convenient work around. One improvement that could be made is the ability to remap my run in the app (as opposed to logging in online) if the GPS got my route/mileage wrong.

Works Good In Certain Environments

Doesn’t work well in parking structures. Too much concrete I guess. As a result, I cannot use it on my morning walks at work. Also, I’m confused how a 16 minute mile and a 16:55 mile can yield a split mile of 17:34. Maybe I don’t understand the split mile concept.

Bait and switch

I actually bought this app and now it's a subscription! And it's worse now!! ripoff!!!

Apple Watch App?

I just want the Apple Watch app. When is it coming?

Had to ‘downgrade’ from MMF+ to MMF

Great app, but don’t understand why I had to downgrade from MMF+ to MMF. If it could have been done automatically, since nothing substantive has changed, this app would have gotten 5 stars. The functionality is great! It syncs with my Jawbone UP and offers great challenges and opportunities to win swag!! The GPS is accurate and provides great stats!

This would have been 5 stars a week ago but...

... on the last three runs I’ve taken I’ve had a very annoying bug happen... the app decides to PAUSE randomly when I am in motion. What the heck??

Great for mapping out walks

I appreciate the app recording my walking routes.

Can't access app

I updated the app and now im always “offline" or the servers have trouble I have been a user for 2 years and can't access my account.

Dr. Scott


Bad very frustrating

Not working m😡ore bad

Great app

Very friendly and efficient app the best.

Exercise record

This is a great app for runners. It does a pretty good job at logging other workouts. It is fun to use when tracking downhill and cross county skiing.

Country girl

Love this app!


Love this App! It’s helped me achieve goals I never thought I could. Couldn’t do it without you!

Do I have to use itunes...

I'm having to switch back and forth between youtube music and this app.

Great but not perfect

I love how this app syncs with MyFitnessPal and the Health app. My main complaint is sometimes it crashes without any way to realize and I have to manually adjust the workout time after the fact

App crashed on all iPhones

App crashed in the middle my workout. When I realized it crashed, I restarted it and saw it only recorded the first 1/2 of the calories I burned. Not the first time this has happened.

No interval timing

There’s no interval timing unless you pay every month. I paid for the app and now have to pay extra per month for interval timing.

Changing activities

Love the app overall. However it would be nice to be able to change the activity midstream. I often do circuits and don’t want the down time to make the change of activity. March on

Awesome app!!!

I use it for everything I do! Suggestion, should add Rucking in the activities section...

Not as good as it used to be

Now I seem to be required to be connected to the internet to see my past workouts. I just want access to my workout history even when I’m not connected.

Devices won’t link

I cannot get my iPhone or Misfit Ray to link to this app, app says there are multiple devices linked and to chose from the devices listed but nothing is listed. Very frustrating.

Why this app too?

If you have UA record and My fitness pal, I don’t understand the need for this app. The previous apps that I mentioned do what this app can do and more. I will check it out...

Connect button doesn’t work

I used to love MapMyFitness however, ever since the iOS 11 update and the app update I can longer pair any other Bluetooth devices other than the heart rate sensor. The connect button just doesn’t work anymore. I use the full spectrum of UA apps but now I can’t rate 5 stars any longer. Please fix


This app works well and allows you to navigate music while in use

Free App

I have the free version. It works awesome and I am extremely happy with all of the different map apps including run, ride and fitness. I’ve been using it for about a year now. I’m sure the paid version is even better.

Unable to connect to Apple Watch

If you are hoping for a reliable use of this app with your Apple Watch you are going to be extremely disappointed. It’s a constant failure. I have to delete the app and reconfigure it for it to connect to my watch. Use it once or twice and back to the same issue. I’ll be looking for a different app for sure.


Great free app that takes care of all of my fitness needs

Not accurate

A 4 mile bike ride gives me 19 calories! Really??

Touch ID please

When I'm starting a session, the last thing I want is to sign in. Happens more frequently than I'd like. I do enjoy the way this documents our sessions

Great application

Let the app

Apple Watch compatibility?

Love the app! But, is there anyway to get an Apple Watch version of this app? I see you guys have it for MapMyRun, but it would be great to have it for other workouts too. I just want it to be able to sync with my Activity app so that all my workouts are tracked in case I forget to start the workout app on my watch. Thanks!

Reliable tracking application

Even though the accuracy of this application’s GPS tracking is a quite bit skewed during short distance walks, I do like it and appreciate the challenges that it offers.

Great workout partner.

Great app. Many good features but in my opinion, it can be much better, since it does not work with my BT heart rate monitor, I have to run another app to monitor HR.

iPhone watch compatible

I have been using map my fitness for over a year and I like it but I just bought a Apple Watch and this app is not compatible so I looked to see what was. Map my run (which is EXACTLY) like map my fitness is and this is frustrating. So now I have two of the same apps just different names that are exactly the same. Please make Map my Fitness for Apple Watch.

Map My Run

Love it!

Excellent app for workouts

Keeps track of workouts and syncs to My Fitness Pal. Love the convenience and is very accurate.

Great app

Like the accuracy and syncs to my Employers Vitality app. Awesome. Never a workout lost.

Always closes during workouts and loses data

No matter whether I am running, weightlifting, biking, doing the elliptical or whatever the app closes on me. It may run for 5 minutes or 20 minutes but it always closes. It usually retains the data gathered before it shuts down but that doesn't really help. Seems to have gotten worse with iOS 11.1. I am using an iPhone 6s Plus.

MapMyFitness is a good app.

It is made by Under Armour. I use the free version. In previous versions, I walked near Maumelle Park. Though outside Little Rock, I walked in a Little Rock address. When I finished, it recorded my walk in Maumelle. That was not fixable. On at least 2 instances, the app decided to pause itself. If one has the paid version, you can pause the app, drive 10 miles, and resume. My splits are different with the free version. I pause the app, go with it paused, and resume. Imagine you are running. In the split is a straight line that connects the split. When I walk, I keep my iPhone unlocked. Yes, it drains the battery more quickly. However, it gives better readings. Let me switch to the positives. I typed it can be free. I guess the paid version drains a battery faster. Every period of time (usually 1 month), you can complete challenges. Challenges give you the chance to win free things.

Love MMF app.

Great motivation to keep moving. Wouldn't leave home without it!

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