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Ne kadar yürüdüğünüzü, koştuğunuzu, bisiklete bindiğinizi, hatta yüzüğünüzü takip edin.


Harika bir uygulama


Harika çalışıyor, saniyede gps uydularına bağlanıyor.


ozellikle kosu ve bisiklet icin muhtesem bir uygulama. herkese oneririm

awesome app

Always accurate, so easy to use , get it now!!

Occasional runner

Easy to set and use. Tells me every 1/2 mile w pace. LOVE IT!!!!


Love this app! Has really helped me track my workouts and lose weight!!

Excellent app for tracking workouts

This app gives you all the stats you need to track your workouts. That included an approximate calorie count, and a route that's saved on a map. (It would be great if the calorie count was based on weight.) It has access to the music on your phone which is another great feature. Overall, it's a very useful app. Highly recommended!!!! 5 stars!!!!!

Good app...

Pros: Tracks time, distance, split times, et cetera, usually without much supervision. Cons: Occasionally loses gps. This is probably not a problem with the app per se, but perhaps they could improve the algorithm so I didn't get credit for being a half mule away at an isolated point. Also, I wish the monetization allowed for a one time payment rather than a subscription. I don't do software subscriptions, but I like the app enough that I would happily pay a onetime fee.

Works for me

The app works well for me. I ride my road bike once or twice a week and run three. I don’t race. Only real objection is when I push start, it takes several seconds before I see the timer going. I also use it for hiking. Good recreational app.

Hate the New Update

Was working great, until the latest update. Now it records everything wrong

Use it all the time!

Love this app! It's great for logging my runs, bike rides and all my other activities. The challenges keep me motivated to keep moving!

Passed the 4 year test

Have used for 4 years, only problem has been: outdated phone on my end. Use it daily. Good job addressing bugs*****€

Fitness accountability!

Love this app - keeps me accountable to walk and helps my spirits!!! Highly recommended.

Good, but not great

I really enjoy the quick start up of the app for my runs, but the ads and extra costs for training plans get beat by Nike.


Always Produces the answers to the work I put in.

Nice 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿


Great App

No errors in keeping track. Nice way to see just how far I've walked/ran. Links to myfitnesspal and that's awesome

Works like a charm

Great app! Simple and easy to use.

Occasionally unstable

It works just fine, most of the time. Sometimes, I start a workout, leave the app open, lock my phone, and when I open the phone, the app has crashed. The data is lost or completely inaccurate.

Miss the last version

I log about half my workouts after the fact instead of using the app during the workouts (swimming, yoga, barre, etc) and it took me a while to figure out how to do this with the most recent update. I don't like that I have to hit three different buttons just to log a workout now. Miss the old app navigation buttons.

Great app! Using it with FitBit.

It's a great fitness companion that tracks a variety of workouts along with the mileage you put on the shoes you wear. The dog walk can auto pause for those dog moments so the workout time remains accurate. The real time mapping helped me when I took a wrong turn on a trail. I was able to get back on track and find my way home. So far, I am enjoying it and it suits me better than others I have tried. My only issue is the inconsistency in the coaching times. They seem to be way over or way under during the walk.

Great app. Just one thing.

Use the app twice daily and it is great for tracking my workouts. Just one thing would make it better. Give users an option to purchase the app to eliminate the adds without having to pay for a subscription. I have no need for the MVP features. Just would like to use it without the adds.

Free version doesn’t sync with LoseIt anymore...

So, with the latest update, I see that the free version no longer syncs with the LoseIt app. This was the whole reason I used it! I am not paying $22/month for only this (I wouldn’t use the other training sand meal planning features, as I have my own). So nope, not using this anymore...LoseIt has its own exercise calorie conversion list, and although it’s imperfect, I’ll just use it. So long, MMF!

Since last IPhone update the app has not been accurate.

App sometimes stops calculating distance timeSince the last phone update very disappointed lately or the performance of the app

Great app.

Love it. Love tracking my workouts. Awesome.

Great app!

This application is one where I enjoy using for all of my workouts. Keeps me on track and eager to do more and go further.

Love MMF!

This app makes it super easy to track my bike rides, walks, runs, and everything else. The fact that it syncs with MyFitnessPal makes it even better!

Mikes wrong

Not registering Miles right

Best App for Tracking and Accountability!

I've been using the "Map my ____" apps for over a year and a half and have been incredibly pleased with how it has evolved and updated, yet maintained its simple structures. It's interconnectedness between fitness tracking, food logging, and general wellness is so helpful when you are trying to keep tabs on several spheres but don't want to input the same info over and over. Highly recommend!

Fun to run

Makes a game out of exercise and who doesn't like games

Map My Fitness App

The app does exactly what it says it will do with ease. I love the fact that it keeps my times accurately with my covered distances and elevation changes as well as the calories I burn during my hikes and walks. I love it! Thank you for the improvements and working those pesky bugs out of the app.


Loved map the app works great


Sometimes apps not load my runs and I have to exit and reopen the app thousand times


Inconvenient wish it would automatically log walking/running


Awesome I Love Map my Fitness app. I Live by this everyday it would be a tragedy to not have it. Awesome tracking. Love! Love! Love it

Great app

Great app to track your progress!!

Do not download the new version

Although I've normally been happy with this app, the new version does not work properly. It freezes up and stops tracking in the middle of my runs for no reason. Do not download.

Takes forever to start

The app start time is horrible. I am about a minute into my exercise before I can even log an activity. What kind of stupid activities are going on in the app for me to have to wait so long to just enter something.

Occasional glitches are frustrating

98% of the time I absolutely love this app. Today I started it and started running. While waiting for my mile stats, I knew I had run further than a mile already so I opened the app back up and it said I had only run for 8 seconds and did a Birdseye distance of how far away I was from my starting point. I had to map my whole run out after I finished to see the distance. Otherwise I usually LOVE the convenience of mapmyfitness.

Just what you need for tracking your rides and runs!

The combined app is outstanding. All the basics of what you need and if you want to upgrade you get even more.

Map my fitness

Love this app!! It crosses over to My Fitness Pal!! No guessing on calories burned. I use it every time I walk or jog!! Get to listen to my music!! ❤️❤️

Enjoy Tracking!

I use map my fitness almost daily. Easy to use. It motivates me to get up and move! 👊🏻💜 I also like the darker easier to read screen. Thx


Free money for working out!

Awesome App

I absolutely love this app, it helps me monitor my work outs as well know the amount of calories I burn daily. I can also share with my friends ❤️

Great, easy and free

What more do you need in an app


This is one of my favorite apps. It's incredibly stable. The best part is that tracking my runs and bike rides has proven to be incredibly motivating. After all these years this is still one of the most used apps on my phone.


Great app! I use it for all of my work outs and for recording food intake.

Many years of service

I've used this app to track my workouts for over five years. It does a wonderful job of giving you the options you need to track any work out including runs, gym workouts and outdoor activities. I would highly recommend it.

Great app for free!

Excellent for hiking and tracking your route


Use it every day, easy and a great diary of my walks.

Great App

I use this app when I walk, hike, or ride my bicycle. It works great.

Love it

Use it every time I exercise. Works great on walks, runs and bike rides.

Good stuff

Was trying this and Strava. Since I ruck with varying weights this gives me options for input with hiking feature to track better. Good stuff.

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