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Ne kadar yürüdüğünüzü, koştuğunuzu, bisiklete bindiğinizi, hatta yüzüğünüzü takip edin.


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Harika çalışıyor, saniyede gps uydularına bağlanıyor.


ozellikle kosu ve bisiklet icin muhtesem bir uygulama. herkese oneririm

As of July 2018 app failure

As of July This app is worse than before Stops timing suddenly, calories burned off. I don’t know what happened, but it’s horrible. I keep getting notifications that it stopped mid exercise. If not fixed, I will in-recommend yo my clients.

Starts randomly

Sometimes I open it to start a workout and it says I’ve been working out for say an hour? I can discard the non-workout but I worry about my battery

Application termination

Application termination every five minutes or so. App is now unusable. Please update it again because the last update made this app useless.


App kept terminating during ride

Reinstalling due to “short” first mile

Worked great for weeks, but either a geo-positioning satellite has been taken over by H.A.L. or the app has replaced mile # 1 with a kilometer. I can’t walk my first mile in 13 minutes! It seems to get its defecation in coagulation after the first mile, but it’s already too late to accurately record a walk. I wonder if Map My Walk still works!

Can't create an account

I have a MyFitnessPal account that I have begun using with no issue. I have linked my Facebook account to it. Apparently, that's as far as the devs can get. Whether I link through FB or sign up independently, I get a "Cannot create account" error. After a dozen tries this became an uninstall for me. If I can't find a mapper that links with MFP then that likely will need to become an uninstall for me as well. Lame.

Love this App!

I love how this app is so easy to operate; straight forward; tracks my walking on a real-time map; and gives voice output on mile makers!

Auto pause will ruin your run

I have always been screwed by this app so I don’t use the auto pause feature. Also recently it’s been taking less gps points than it used to. I don’t know if it’s the app or my phone tho because my regular gps functions are also slow pretty often.

Seems to be off on actual mileage

Great app and like the discounts for UA, but it needs work in calibration- I would run six miles and this app is .25-.35 ahead of my watch (I don’t sync, just so I can see difference)

Good run

This app is all I need. No more need less

Recent workouts

I don't know why my recent workouts don't stay when I go to log and instead there's a huge list of workouts I never do. Every day now I have search to log my workouts and it's annoying.


Work Great!


Wouldn't let me create an account, so I decided to waste another 3 minutes of my life by writing this review.

Distance off

Downloaded new app. Second time using. Distance way off! Disappointed.

Not at all accurate!

To check accuracy, my husband and I set app at exactly same place and time upon entering a store. We stopped and compared as we left. My app said I had walked 1.39 miles... my husband, who was beside me the whole way, showed .69 miles on his. He showed 100 calories burned for his .69 miles and my app showed 90 calories “burned” for my 1.39 miles! Don’t trust this app!!!

Sunday walk

Distance measured was way off. Instead of 4.82 miles, it was 2.7 miles. What gives?

Great app.

Great app.

Did away with Inline skating as an activity

Stinks, I now have to find a new tracking app as MapMyFitness did away with the Inline Skating activity. Would give 0 stars but they don’t let you. A bummed former user

Easy to use

Great app very functional and easy to use!

App pauses and does not resume

Set app to start walk at 2 minutes; did not begin immediately. Approximately 2 minutes later u began the walk and the app did not resume. This has occurred at least 4-5 times. How long does it take for the app to reset? Ie not resume? Really annoying.

Locked phone

The app seems to stop counting Calories when my phone goes to sleep. I have to unlock my phone for the Calories to increase.

Where is the watch app

Why doesn’t this have an Apple Watch app?!?!?

Meets my needs

I am 63 years old, just retired and enjoy walking. My super competitive days are over. I like to keep a journal to see my progress. This app is perfect for the categories that I need.

Seems nice

The app has so far worked well I can’t really complain

Used to be great...

...until I upgraded the latest version and now elliptical has disappeared from the list of workouts to log. Seriously???

Great idea not fully realized.

Operationally poor. Extremely poor. The app is slow. Frustratingly slow. Sometimes the app just shuts down. Sometimes the app freezes my whole phone (iPhone 6) necessitating a hard restart. Just today I spent more time than I should entering data. I want this to succeed. Not sure why it’s getting great ratings. Perhaps the issue is local to my phone. Though all my other apps seem to work just fine. Also the accuracy of the food data is suspect. Bad human input, manufacture changes are to be expected. But no one seems to be cleaning it up. All that bad data makes the database bloated and unwieldy.

Will not sync

UA claims all its apps “work seamlessly” together. Horse hockey. I have tried for over a week to get the calories burned in MapMyFitness to sync with the calories available in MyFitnessPal. Apparently cannot be done. Each app by itself is decent, but don’t be fooled by the claim they can all sync with each other.

GPS off

Not accurate distance

Does what it says but...

This app does what it says but it’s lacking one key thing. An Apple Watch app. That would make me pay the 30/year membership.

Great App

It does everything it is suppose to do, every time.

Great app

This app is great

Excellent tracking!

Love the sync with MyFitnessPal feature for exercise calorie tracking. Also keeps great stats for running including pace, distance, map, split pace, etc. love it!!!

Not working right on iPhone X

The new revision you just made me take at the beginning of my walk not only slowed me down, it also would not give me the option to end the work out or to answer the question, “Did the app work well for you?” No, it did not!

Deleted for good, back to Strava

I started using this app to complement my use of MyFitnessPal and thought I would use apps from the same developer. The first 4 weeks it worked great then I guess they made changes and now I’ve deleted it forever and am going back to strava. First off they used to have segment and PR tracking and they got rid of it. Not a big deal but strava has it so I’m used to it. The big decision came from the GPS tracking failures. Every few days it stops tracking properly and will read off random splits like .6 miles or 1.7 miles despite me having it set to read off half mile splits. And my normal 5 mile loop turned into a 6.75 mile loop and I also apparently ran a 3:38 mile split somewhere in the middle. The only way to get the GPS to work properly was to delete the app and reinstall. After the third time I’ve deleted it for good. I don’t want to have to worry about that every time I go for a run. Strava has worked perfect for 5+ years so I’m sticking with it.

Useless app

I've been using the app for about 5 years and more than 3,000 miles. Was always consistent until they got rid of the old paid version at end of last year. Now the GPS is way off. Unusable.

Used to work great

This app was my go to for years but lately it’s saying I ran a mile when it’s only been 1/2 a mile. And when I actually get to the 1 mile mark, it now says I’m at mile 2.5. I’ve deleted the app and re added it to no avail. Now I must look elsewhere.

Beach run!

Works great!

Country girl

Love this app!

Great for cycling

I really enjoy this app for cycling. It gives you audible updates of your distance, pace and duration every mile.

Not sure what happened

This app used to be great. In the past few updates, it has paused itself during my runs and has started logging a “run” as “General”. What it used to show as my usual 2 mile route is now 2.2 miles which I’m pretty sure is less accurate. If you want a consistent and reliable app, look elsewhere.

Processing errors

Will not process “creating my profile”. Already have MyFitnessPal and wanted to sync to track workouts easier. After too many tries of completing “just a few more details” to complete my profile and the app continually stopping with processing errors I have given up.


I’ve been walking, running, and biking for years and this is the best app for me so far!!! -Hector

No longer works after years of doing well

This app used to work great. Now it never can log my 1st mile correctly. I’ll do a 3 mile run, but after the first 10 minutes it says I’ve only gone 0.4 miles. After the 1st mile it seems to work great, but I only ever do short runs so I need an app that works great from the beginning.

Good app

The most recent update gets stuck on the first location screen. Tried reinstalling app and same thing happened.

Great workout Ap

Pushes me!!!

Love this application

Great for tracking my workouts

Disappointing app

Way too many unnecessary activity options, no workout programs (weightlifting specifically), and when you do actually select the weights activities all it does it track the time. Why would someone want to track their time to lift versus the weight and number of reps?

Love this app!

Get it. Use it. That is all. 👍

Good app

I use this app all the time. I would like to see it updated to support use with the Apple Watch.


Too many clicks to start and end workouts. Too many ads. Does what it needs to once You learn how to navigate it.

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