Map My Fitness by Under Armour App Reviews

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Great App

Easy to use, accurate, like the extras they keep you motivated....

Trackin speed and miles

I love using this app to track my training. It helps me push harder and keep track of my pacing.

I use this for every run

It also syncs with my heart monitor for lifting routines.

I new it would be great!

Its an Under Armour product! Works awesomely. No issues.


Great app , figures everything for you!

Works great!

Works for all types of exercise. I use it for walks and bike rides. Very useful

Working great

Love the app. Synchs well with my fitbit andwith the best fitness app. So far, no problems.

I love this app!

seriously glad i have these apps!

Great app with one glitch for me

Works great and love how it syncs with my fitness pal. Only problem is when I walk inside our plant at work, it gets crazy. It will have me doing 7 miles across town in 3 minutes. Oh well, it makes me look good I guess.

My motivation buddy

This app has really been my motivation buddy! It keeps me with consistency. I seriously dont have any negative things to say about it. I love the fact that it can sync to myfitnesspal and I can share my exercise with my Facebook family. This way I get support and cheers to keep going.

Pretty good, but could use some improvements

Please add support for Apple Watch as an input/tracking device, and youll earn 5 stars from me. My biggest disappointment is when Im on a treadmill and the app wont allow my watchs accelerometer to accurately record my stride. When you have a wearable device, why would you expect me to palm my 6s+ for the duration of my run?? Doesnt make any sense at all...

Great app

This app keeps me motivated and on track. I enjoy watching my progress as I work towards better health and better race results. Tons of different exercises to track my workouts. Even tracks the mileage that I put on my shoes.

Covers all exercises

Works well with multiple workouts. Syncs well with other apps


Excellent route-tracking app! Keeps me on pace without having to run in place!


I can here the lady talk! Good app.


Easy to use.


GreAt. Some small hiccups with gps from time to time.


This app is great for pacing yourself and knowing how far you ran!

I like the live recording

I have been using the Map My Webpage for keeping track of my workouts for a long time. The live recording feature makes it so much easier & more accurate. It also allows me to pick a route as I go and frees me from the predetermined routes that I had been using. The new auto pause feature is working great. I am completely satisfied with this app.

It works

It does what it is supposed to do. Bravo!

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