Map My Fitness by Under Armour App Reviews

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This is a good app...

I like this app and all the features that it offers. If I could change one thing in the app it would be to be able to change the name of your exercise while in your workout session. That is all.

Not buggy like MapMyRun

Tried MapMyRun, ran into music stop/restart issues and app not switching from metric to imperial units. Switched to this one, have had no problems since. Great app, user friendly.

Awesome app

Tracks your workouts very well! You know how far you went on a run/walk!!

Great App, Does what it describes.

Ive really enjoyed this App so far. Im able to record all of my workouts, which is exactly what I was looking for. Has additional features for paying users (which I havent taken advantage of yet, but might in the future).


Always works perfectly!!!!

Works great!

Use this for great! Good for other types of workouts to.

Bicycle wrkt

Good app! It certainly uses a lot of battery life, though! Especially if the ride is over 2 hours.

Luv the App

I luv this app and I always will I just want to win a challenge one day.

Tracks my progress

Im not the most athletic person and started using this app a little while ago. It gives me an easy way to keep up with my sporadic work outs and helps me track my progress. I have not tried the paid features yet. I need help with keeping up my motivation and overcoming my obstacles. Over all this app has been helpful.

Map my fitness is my fitness application of choice.

Are used MapMyFitness for my morning runs it makes it easy to track and it links up to my state fitness program. The maps are easy to see the different routes you have run. If you forget to track your run then you can use one of your previous routes, and say that youve done that. You didnt need to be in an area with Internet connection to have it work well.

I like that it tells you your pace and distance

So far my favorite exercise app.

Really good way to track exercise

I use this app a lot and love that it syncs with my Fitbit as well MyFitnessPal!

Love it!

Love this app! Best work out app around. I use it for every workout !

Fantastic App!

The only reliable fitness app! Thank you for creating this fantastic tool to track my fitness.

Love it!

One of my favorite apps!


Love this app I have used it on multiple devices. And will continue to use on all my new devices.

Overall pretty good

First time using the app. Worked well for the most part with a few questionable issues. Sometimes the red line of path was missing in sections. Also my husband and I both started our apps at the same time and they calculated different times and distances. Otherwise I like the way you can choose what information it calls out and at what distances.

Great App - No Fitbit Integration

I really like MapMyFitness. All of the basic free functions meet my needs. The only thing I would wish for is the ability to track my heart rate real time through my FitBit Charge HR and give me that feedback along with my split times.

Great workout partner!

Im an obsessive runner...times, distance, etc. Im constantly competing against myself and secretly comparing myself to other runners to get better. This app is PERFECT for me - I recommend it to ALL my workout partners!

Great app!

Great app that does everything I need!

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