Map My Fitness by Under Armour App Reviews

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Great app

Great for running the GPS works great! Love the voice updates


The best one for me

Great and reliable app!

When is map my fitness going to be compatible with the health dashboard?

very practical apps

It is well connected with my jawbone to record my running





Nouvelle version

Nouvelle version bug, ne marche pas.

Just great

Great app for workouts and nutrition record keeping

Good app

Only app that really caters to non runners ...however... Still heavily runner focused, which confuses me cause they also have mapmyrun... Also unstable at times.. I am sticking with up betting that underarmour will soon get the crossfit/npgl thing better supported

Thumbs up!

Fits me!


Muito bom o aplicativo

Very Nice

Great it has a lot of diferent activities! Though the sync with other app dose not work quite well...


Sincroniza Nike e armour39 e fone Bluetooth

New Start

Im just starting with the app but it seems to be very accurate. Especially in areas where other apps wouldnt even acknowledge.

Apple Health integration no longer works...

... trainings simply do not show up, switching sync on and off does not help. Pity, else a nice app.


Great way to keep track of workouts and durations. To stay motivated

Good App!

Bought a cheap holder for my iPhone and have on handle of my bike. Start this app at beginning of my ride and it gives feedback every mile, which keeps me motivated to try to ride longer and farther than the previous ride.

Great motivator. Helps me keep track of my progress toward my goals.

Works well and keeps me on track during workouts

Great app

Really like this App and have been using it for years off and on, hopefully will stay on this time!

Great app

Great for tracking my progress! Also like how it syncs with myfitnesspal.

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